What trick did you land today?


dude! That’s awesome!! Just needs a little wear and tear I’ve noticed. My hg is finally breaking in and it’s getting much easier to hit these balance tricks. And thanks man. I’ve been grinding this trick for the past week. Didn’t think I would get that double at the end though.


I haven’t tried a new basic trick in a while since I’ve been grinding a dama dare, so I decided to try my hand at whirlwinds. Landed one in 5 tries! And then couldn’t land another one for a while. Finally got a second whirl after who knows how many tries. But stoked none the less. Now to get it on film.

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I hit UFO for the first time last night, and again this afternoon. Never expect it, then SCHLICK


Nice! A lunar! Maybe I’ll go throw all my kendamas in the street now.

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If it makes you feel any better, ive not hit it since. Gone back to around the usa drills till i can do it without breaking rythem(sp).


Just in case I made it sound like I was going to throw them in frustration, that is not at all what I meant. Kendama is not something that frustrates me because I don’t have any expectations. It’s just a fun grind. I’m just hoping that throwing my kendamas will ‘fix’ them so that I can land lunars too! :wink:

I have had more than a few skill toy hobbies and have learned to embrace the experience instead of trying to rush it. You only get to nail that trick for the first time once and it never feels the same again so I look forward to savoring those. I don’t really even practice lunars so its not like I’m even giving myself a chance. I just see it as one of those amazing tricks to aim for and don’t want to rush it.

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^^Spoken from a true object manipulationist.
/nods in approval


Met up with my good friend(who also brought me into the world of yoyo and kendama) that I don’t often see over the weekend. Had a good jam. Learned down spikes, cold pizza, got my ufos much more consistent, and a bunch of other techniques. It really helps when you have other jammers around.


Just landed pull up>big cup>bird>earth turn.

March 1st: decided to get into juggles a half hour ago. Landed a single jug to big cup to spike. Then after landed a couple single jugs to spike. Extremely hard but very fun.


Lookin’ good, Heero!

Since I last posted I’ve focused on juggles also. Plenty of single/double juggles to big cup to spike, but still hunting that juggle to spike.

I also have finally focused on lighthouse and have been getting pretty consistent with even my slickest of tamas. Have nailed some one turn/flip(?) lighthouses but don’t have a consistent flip yet. That will be my next focus.

Not that I’m too surprised, but my taste in what attributes I favor in a kendama has also been shifting as I learn more. I now grab those heavy kendamas less than before because the balance tricks are easier for me if the ken is lighter.


i very rarely land a juggle to spike. Can’t get more that this 1 2 juggle. Still working on longer juggles. I prefer heavier damas. My f3 is slightly lighter and I prefer my hgs. Maybe it’s just the higher grade wood but I’m not sure.
Here’s a little line I laced from the new tricks I learned.


And also working on some tap tricks.


Good stuff heero, you’re getting pretty consistent with those whirlwinds! I’ve been trying to work on some tap tricks too lately, just cant seem to get the hang of any of the multiple tap tricks.


Thanks. Not as consistent as I want but it’s getting better. Decided since I’ve been on a roll with learning tricks, figured gun slingers were my next trick.

Also need to work on spacewalks and hand rolls.


After several weeks, I have finally figured out Airplane on a definitely non-consistent basis.


For Airplane - Try tugging the string a little with your finger (I use my ring finger and hold the tama with thumb/index/middle) as you pull up the ken. Tugging the string toward you will rotate the ken in the same direction and reduce the swinging motion so you can just pull straight up.


Lighthouse to lunar! Even landed the spike after. So pumped. ;D


Landed a twoturn to lighthouse,1 flip back to lighthouse but missed the spike :sob:


Landed airplane a few times today! And some cup to cup to spikes…

Day 2 wasn’t too bad!


since I landed a 2 turn the other day, i figured today was a good day to step up my game. Here’s a couple clips from today’s grind.

3 turn to light house to double light house flip. Getting so close to nailing these double light flips.