alright so i got all the basics now what?

Alright so have decided to give kendama another shot, and i have gotten all the basics like airplanes, cup to spikes, all of the cups in generally, carousals and hurricanes but, now I’m kinda in a problem because i don’t know what to learn next you guys got any suggestions?

I’m not sure what carousel or hurricane are. Jumping stick, Lighthouse, Earth Turn, Around Europe, and Bird/Nightengale are all tricks you can progress toward.

lighthouse is a really fun trick to learn.

maybe you can try a ken flip big cup spike, and after that one try a kenflip spike.

just keep having Fun^^

Sanchez nailed it, exactly what I was going to say. Lighthouse, jumping stick, earth turn, around the world, bird, and you can even start getting into Lunars. Lunar is frustrating to learn at first but if you learn it early on it’s going to help with other balance tricks/combos.

Alright thanks now i have more stuff to learn awesome!!! btw i just started working on jumping stick, and I’m having problems with the ball keep hitting the small cup any tips?

When you land airplane, you want the small cup to be facing you when you go to flip the ken. It keeps the rotation straighter. Keep your eye on the spike while the ken is rotating.

What I do for jumping stick is instead of flipping the ken fast to get the rotation, I flip the ken higher with a little less power to get the ken to rotate slower so it’s easier to track the spike.

thanks for the tips! i was able to lad it much more consistently now! (i landed it about 10-12 times today!)