What trick did you land today?


Nice! You can do it!

Pretty excited as I landed this a couple times: lighthouse>lunar>lunar flip>geek out


Nice man. Good feeling lacing this stuff. In prep to my crazy combo I’ve set out to lace, I landed a 1 turn lh>lunar>loon flip>lh>trade spike. I think I’m almost ready for the long haul.


Landed jstick>insta lh flip>lh>in. I may have to rethink my combo. These instas are crazy hard…


Edit:last night I landed a few pull up underbird>earth turn>underbird but missed the downspike. So tight I couldn’t lace.


Been trying to get this one consistent. Short trades combo, but it makes me smile.


Heres what I’ve been workin on lately.


Also working on taps. Almost had a 1turn pull up cushion tap to little cup loon. Just slipped off when I was trying to adjust. So sad.


Keep up the progression, Heero!

Nothing new or intentional really, but I keep landing stilts and stilted birds on accident. When I am playing with a specific rhythm I can keep the combo going sometimes.


i wish I could accidentally land a stilt.

(InvaderDust) #190

I hit three double earth turns in a row with a stringless setup the other day. I exploded in celebratory madness. :slight_smile:


yo. Earth turns are mad easy. But double earth turns make my head spin…

(major_seventh) #192

Eh, I got doubles on lock. Triples are another thing.


It doesn’t feel real until I can do it on purpose. Right now it is just a result of missing the hole in the tama. I’m sure you’ll be hitting them on purpose way before me!

I wish you had been filming. That would have been epic! I played stringless for the first time the other day and it was fun, but I got tired of chasing the tama.

(InvaderDust) #194

I play alot at work inbetween busy times and sometimes to show people what that “thing” is im always fiddlin with. So im not usually thinking about filming cause the sesh’s range are usually quick bursts of attempts of something. I wish i had a chest cam for several reasons, that would have been a perfect time to have had one. (I know i scared a customer with my outcry!) Then was asked if it had magnets in it. That question made me feel good. :slight_smile:


Haha! Nice.

You inspired me, so here is a vid I just got of a triple to triple to quad earthturns consecutively!

My celebration was a loudly whispered “YES!”  :stuck_out_tongue:


dude! Real nice! I need to bust out my GoPro. First I have to find it.


Had the day off today so I decided to jam a little. Working on a line that I couldn’t grind out cause my battery died so I’ll get back to finishing it. Here’s how it goes so far.

(major_seventh) #198

That’s so good. How do you even lunar? Doesn’t the string spin the ken? I can never get it to be at the right angle to land a lunar.


its just pulling the Ken up at the proper angle. You can do a straight pull up to lunar. For turn to lunar, you gotta swing the Ken and pull the tama so it whips the Ken. So, for 1-turn lunars. You spin the Ken as it swings, once it gets slightly pass its lowest point(different for everyone), pull the tama back towards you(once again, different for everyone). This will make the Ken flip. Watch the Ken as it flips around and spot landing. Cushion the impact and bend knees to help for a soft landing. Then the rest is up to you.


Thanks! I want to get a GoPro at some point. Right now I’m just using my cell phone.

Killer combo that is going to be btw, especially with that starting lunar!