What trick did you land today?


Me too. Sucks though cause I have no space and it keeps cutting out in the middle of filming.


Yo! Just laced a 1-turn handle tap to lh!! So stoked!!


Lighthouse for the Very First Time! Whoo Hoo!


Around Japan three times. Nobody was more surprised than me that I spiked it.


Lighthouse, flip the ken 180 degrees to a spike!

Got it twice in a row.

(InvaderDust) #206

To “fall in” from lighthouse is really hard! ive only pulled that off once. :smiley: good job!


I’m not sure how much was skill and how much was luck. :wink: It’s strange, but with Kendama it seems like there’s a lot more “getting the feel” of a trick than yoyo. I’m not sure I’m saying that very well, but Kendama feels like 2A yoyoing to me in that when tricks start working I’m not sure what I’m doing differently, it just starts working. I just seem to feel different when the trick works so I try to duplicate that feel.


you are 100% correct. Yoyoing feels more mechanical. Kendama will grow with you as you play. You’re muscle memory, technique, as well as your eyes will slowly adjust in progression. I sucked at “in’s” and down spikes. Couldn’t for the life of me get it. Little by little it got better and now downspikes are my favorite play style.

Keep up the progression Greg. Start filming so we can see you progression!


Been busy with work lately(60+ hour work week) so haven’t had much time to jam. Here’s today’s lace.


This one is from two weeks ago that I’ve hit a few time since. Tre flips son!!!


lighthouse, little cup to spike, then airplane. Tried lighthouse to spike (airplane?) hit it once, tried the opposite (airplane to lighthouse), never hit it. One to keep working on. really enjoying the tackiness of the paint on the 44RPM Funk tama

(yoyobro!) #212

I landed spike! :sweat_smile:

(InvaderDust) #213

Feels good, dont it?!

Im still drilling one up airplanes, and around the USA

(yoyobro!) #214

Lol yes it does! I can land all of the cups as well, started working on lighthouse a little bit…then got a little tired of missing over and over…then picked up my yoyo…and then the world got so much better!!


Sup guys. Been a while since I’ve had time to slay, and even longer since I’ve been on here. Here’s some laces from work.


Red Triangle Suicides, and Cold Fusion.

the suicides are still VERY hit or miss. Even with no tension in the string, it seems to vary a lot depending on the strings I have. Some just seem to catch on themselves and not open up. Others muich more so. They’re both 100% poly, so I really have no idea why. Oh well. Landing it makes me giggle with happiness.

Cold Fusion is one of those tricks I’m going back to learn, because for years I didn’t know about trick ladders and all the numerous set piece tricks. I learned over and under mounts and trapeezes back in the responsive days, and just kind of made up stuff (with a little inspiration from the Yonomicon) and started freestyling before I knew freestyling was a thing (albeit with a very limited vocabulary). Anyway, I’ve been trying to go back and learn some of the standards that anyone yoyoing as long as I have should probably know, but for the most part, I don’t. Something about the second half of ColdFusion eluded me for a while, and I finally sorted that shit out, and started landing it consistently. YAY. :slight_smile:


keep it up man. But wrong thread


Heh, yeah. Silly thread titles being similar in both subforums. :confused:


Yeah I know happens all the time


Well I’m just starting but I landed Split the Atom several times, Ripcord a few and now I’m working man and his brother slack. :-]