What trick did you land today?

(InvaderDust) #221

Around the USA with double earth turns. OH YEA!!
i freaked out and rode an endorphin wave for a solid 10 mins :slight_smile:


what?! That’s sick dude. I suck at double earthies.
Here’s my latest achievement.


Oh. And here’s a quad. I suck at jsticks so this was huge for me

(InvaderDust) #224

You are KILLIN it Heero! SO good man.


thanks man! Appreciate it. It’s crazy how not long ago we were all talking about how lunars were impossible. On that note… Here’s a lunar treat for you. Sucks that the light sucks but if you’re wondering it’s a trip lune.

And someone name the cartoon that we sampled to make this beat!


Got a couple more clips. Enjoy my journey


As you can see, inward lh flips are my new favorite trick


Lighthouse to airplane.

(yoyobro!) #229

Spike to basecup to spike :slight_smile: I’m still a beginner


I got rained on at work so I pulled the dama out. Been chasing handle stalls and finally laced my first one. So pumped, I wanted to bring it further. The grind was real


I landed the last part of lighthouse! In front of someone! But not the first part😛