What trick are you working on?

({John15}) #1282

This one is a promising challenge. I love tricks that incorporate magic drop

(ClockMonsterLA) #1283

So is Magic Drop a trick or a trick element? What is the difference between a trick, a trick element, and a combo?

(Joseph) #1284

I know this doesn’t sound true, but I got boingy-boing down first try.

({John15}) #1285

A trick can mean both a single element, and a combination (combo) of elements. All three terms are related and somewhat interchangeable, but they can also be mutually exclusive terms.

For example, magic drop is a trick, but the actual rejection in magic drop is an element.

A better example might be a trapeze suicide. That is a trick, but the element, or concept of the suicide can be extracted and used in other ways, like in brother slack; brother slack is is a trick that utilizes a suicide element from a brother mount. So a suicide is both a trick, and an element.

An element is a piece or concept of a trick that can be extracted and used in other ways. it is a part of a trick that can be tweaked a little to achieve a different outcome.

A combo is a string of tricks and/or elements, that is usually longer than just a simple trick. For example, one of my favorite combos is a magic drop (landed on the front string) to brother slack to ninja vanish (The variant from a brother mount). Now, that is a very short combo.

In competitions, a freestyle is a really long form of a combo. Professionals can pack a tremendous amount of tech into one throw.

And tech, from what I understand is a technical trick that incorporates several elements. Like the trick Superman is a tech trick. And this tutorial for Yuuki concepts is a tech trick. It’s more than just stringing known tricks together like in a combo, it is a new creation of several elements. Also, Superman utilizes a magic drop element, that is not a traditional magic drop, but it is the same concept, or element.

There’s a lot of gray area between these terms, so as you’re learning new tricks, you can start to see little windows where tricks can be blended together and turned into different tricks. This is how tricks, elements and combos are related. It’s kind of hard to understand, but with time and exposure it’ll start to make sense

(ChrisFrancz) #1286

@smileypants707 you mean all tricks aren’t magical? Awwww, BOYEEEEE, BRING IT!!!

({John15}) #1287

call me old-fashioned, but I believe yoyo is magic, and it scares me. :sweat_smile:

(ZAC) #1288

I have been working on a slack triangle kind of deal. I hit it most of the time now, just working on keeping it smooth during combos.

(ClockMonsterLA) #1289

I’m working on the Collect More Yoyos Without Going Broke trick.

(Evan Landreneau) #1290

What yoyo trick are you working on?

(Jacob Waugh) #1291

Maiderade Tech:

(Evan Landreneau) #1292

That’s cool

(Ken) #1293

isn’t there already a topic on this?

(Evan Landreneau) #1294

Yeah, I’m just realizing that now :frowning:


It can likely be merged with the older thread :+1:

(ClockMonsterLA) #1296

The Matrix.

Things I’ve realized about learning new tricks:

  1. Every trick feels diabolically hard at first.
  2. Every trick has at least one element that seems impossible to get right.
  3. Every trick becomes doable, and then easy, after enough practice throws.

The number one secret to mastering even the hardest trick is to never give up on it.

({John15}) #1297

You’re cracking the code!

(ChrisFrancz) #1298

Me: “Okay, this next part should be easy…KNOT!”

I have found that struggling with a certain part of a trick can lead to improvisation or some new element when trying to back out of the miss / goof. I like road maps but sometimes getting lost can lead to discovery.

(André Boulay) #1299

The best inventions in the history of worlds are definitely from mistakes and accidents - and the best yo-yo tricks much the same! Love that. Haha. :blush:

(Joseph) #1300

Recently I was just fooling around with elements and accidentally made a new combo.


I landed Basic Grind four times today. Probably the most fun I’ve had with a trick so far.