What trick are you working on?

(Jeffrey Abe) #1261

right now I have a really cool Jade Whip catch into a double green triangle

(Brian Datz) #1262

Funky Giraffe

I’m about half way through. I’m learning how to pinch the strings to create slack, but it’s been tough going. About 1/2 way through now though.


I’m currently working on Spirit Bomb, it’ll be some time yet before I completely get it and I am really struggling with the second pop but I am sure I will get there eventually :slight_smile:

(ClockMonsterLA) #1264

I’m still working on Atomic Bomb. I have the basic motion down, but I can’t seem to get the hang of the rhythm of it. The way I do it, it feels like a 2-stroke engine rather than a smooth, continuous motion.

(Zakai) #1265

I’m working on Boo’s Castle. I love wrist mount tricks.

(Thalia) #1266

I’m practicing Superman. :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #1267

I’ve been working on Mario & Luigi! Wrist mount stuff is so cool.


I learned porygon last night

(Alexander) #1269

That was one of the first long tricks I learned. After that, try learning Boo’s Castle and Save the Princess. The ultimate challenge is doing all three in a row!

({John15}) #1270

Working on grandma Kimmitt sandwich

(Zakai) #1271

Today, I made my own trick (hopefully no one has done it before). I call it, Yuuki Slack to Hook Repeater AKA Yuuki Hack Repeater. (Slack plus hook = Hack)


Nagio hops for me. I can get the first half all the way to the slack over the TH wrist. Stuck there.

(Ken) #1274

Trying to do that Arata Imai thingy

the trick at 2:23 but I’m trying to whip the slack into a green traingle around the arm so it’s exxxtrrraa hard.


Oh I think I have finally start to get both Eli Hops and Boing-E-Boing

(Joseph) #1276

I’m working on a new combo

(Mk1 Yoyos) #1277

I’m working on reverse stole and it’s eluding me so far.

(ChrisFrancz) #1278

I should at least LEARN Boingy Boing but the way it looks when someone does it really irritates me. It just seems really obnoxious. Just my personal taste. When someone does it more than once in a combo - like keeps coming back to it I just stop watching.


It’s a good trick to learn. It’s pretty fun once you get the rhythm down and non yo-yoers are always impressed with boingy boing.

(ClockMonsterLA) #1280

Yeah, I see Boing-e-Boing as a really valuable trick for training your feel for fast momentum changes and fast cyclic rhythms. Even if you don’t like the look of it (which I do understand), I feel that mastering it is a worthwhile endeavor anyway. Keep it in your practice regimen but leave it out of your performances if it bugs you that much. :+1:


I’m pretty much always working on Rancid Milk using Walter :rofl: Someday I’ll get it down.