What trick are you working on?

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eh, i dont think many players at all have the kind of consistency we crave. We look good on video, but IRL i think its not so pretty. So fear not! Ive been ironing out a special double suicide for the next Battle of the Elders. Gotta be on point by that time! haha


Oh Jeez, when is that coming up?
I’ll never be ready.

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sometime in Nov, i think, if its gonna happen again, that is.


So I’ve been rethinking my approach and instead of seeing the yoyo go around my TH, I’m seeing the TH go around the yoyo (hard to describe). Less rocking of the yoyo (in the get/ready sense) and suddenly the loop is almost always open and I’m hitting about 4 out of 5 now. Does that make sense? :thinking:


Still working on the blind lunar from a right side sidewinder. However, I’m hitting it about 20% of the time :grin:


I just recently had the same epiphany with branding.

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Some random combo that ends in an iso triangle


Takeshi Matsurra’s slack triangle


That trick is a lot of fun. Which part are you learning?


I can pop the slack and swing it. But getting to the crossed over trapeze & brother mount from the slack. That’s killing me.


Really been getting into wrist mount based tricks as I’ve learned multiple ways of getting in, out, and back in them, as well as neat finishers/dismounts.

This is one I began developing this afternoon.

I am currently not happy with what’s going on mid trick. While it’s fun to swing the yoyo around, it doesn’t really have a purpose. In process of doing a few other moves before I dismount the wrist mount into that tower-like thing.


That trick looks great. I always sucked at wrist mount tricks. Any chance you would do a tut for it when you get it to the level you consider finished. This would be a great addition to my wm repertoir.


I’m working on the trick ladder for GSYYC: http://georgiayoyocontest.com/rulestricks.html

I need to get Hook, Suicides, Kamikaze, and Black Hops.

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See you there


Can’t wait to try out one of your yoyos?!

OK, so I learned Kamikaze. I can hit the Hook, but usually the strings are twisted wrong. I’m finally getting the 2-in-row Suicides (hate that name)… sometimes. Going through the ladder, I now realize I need to do Spirit Bomb about 200 more times. Black Hops? Ugh!


Black Hops is brutal, but going piece by piece, not worrying as much about landing on the strings at first (you can place them correctly after miss to get the hang) helps. I have done the trick perfectly a couple of times before, but making no misses at all is not easy. String spacing and keeping your fingers upward tilted on the rebuild are key.


I just landed my first finger spin yesterday. My new Skyva is certainly helping. When it finally landed on my finger and started spinning I had no idea what to do, I’ve never had it just sit there before. The first time I let the string drop too low and it tangled. The second time I kept the string high and the spin lasted a few seconds before it popped off my finger. That was fun!


Great! Next is the return!^


Double on spirit bomb


Working on this techy move (until I blew out my bearing), though it’s pretty rough at the moment. Figuring out different techniques to improve my trick execution as well as figuring out the next move.