What trick are you working on?

Started working on Bouncy Castle.

Tough trick to learn. Often having a hard time figuring out exactly how to do it. And not a lot of tutorials on that one it seems. I think I can get about a third of the way in…and then I get my string in a knot pretty much every time.


I am going through Nate Martsolf’s YTs (Nathan & Nate) extracting bits and pieces here and there. Stealing err borrowing ideas. Borrowing a new idea, and trying to make my own tricks which include the new to me element.


I’m working on Soh-Cah-Toa triangle. I’ve got the first and second hops down, but, the last hop is still elusive


I’m always working on refining a few things at any given time… right now I’m trying to focus on getting that little whip part that comes at the end of Supercharger and Monochrome. I’m not used to doing whips with my non-throw hand.

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