What trick are you trying to learn?


Hey guys! I was just wondering what you were working on and I hoped it would give me a nice hard trick to learn. Thanks!

(Erik Kerber ) #2

You could check out this thread for trick ideas.



Boing-e-boing. :frowning: I have been working on it for MONTHS, but I can’t get it down.


Working some on kwijibo, mostly on recapitulation. Smoothing out everything else and working them into small combos.

(velez_adrian) #5

i learned boing e boing in 3 days but I’ve been working on a new style of yoyoing that’s less techy but more like Eric tranton and Robbie Graham’s styles combined. It’s alittle hard making it smooth.


Iam have a really hard time learning boingy boing I been trying to learn it like 4 months now