What to get at around a $90-110 price range.


Well, my Iyoyo Steel has breathed it’s last, with a irreparably stripped axle. I’m now looking for a new yoyo at around the same price range. It dosent matter too much to me what it is, but something thats a bit different from a rest of the pack would be nice. What do you guys reccomend? Thanks!

(major_seventh) #2

You could get another axle if that’s the problem, or get a cheap re-tap job done on it, as there are members on here who can do that well.

Though it is fun to get a new yoyo :wink:


Core co standard or tako :+1: you can’t go wrong with them


Sengoku Masamini.


A bunch of yoyos off the bst :wink:


Sengoku kenshen - I love mine. Kuntosh is really nice also.


Ohhhh, you could get the kracken of top deck :+1: