what to expect in a new pgm...

hey every one i just bought a new blue yellow pgm and i was wondering what i shouuld excpect ive heard that its unresponsive right out of the box . is that true? how about the hubstacks do they need to be brocken in? thanks ;D

Yes, Most YYF yoyo’s come out right unresponsive out of the box. The hubstacks doesn’t need to be broken in.

YoYoFactory yoyos do come un-responsive out of the box. Yes. After that, when the bearing breaks in, it will turn a little responsive and hear this clicking noise in the SPEC bearing. Hubstacks - you don’t even need to clean. Let them be on their own.

WAIT it becomes more responsive … like how responsive because if it comes straight to your hand That WoulD SUCK :’(

When the bearing breaks in - or if you put Thick Lube in it. It does sometimes. If it is in breaking in stage, be careful. I don’t clean it. You’ll hear clicking. If you hear it, don’t whip string.

It won’t be anything cleaning can’t fix, but it shouldn’t turn responsive, only in some cases.

that could be a problem… i cant clean a bearing worth a rats… FOOT what are the some cases?

Usually mine don’t need to be broken in. My Superstar was unresponsive when it came out of the box but on some case there are some yoyos that are a little responsive.

Once it starts making a clicking sound and is broken in, add some thin lube. The clicking is because the bearing has no lube and thus a little more responsive.

It should be unresponsive out of the box. The hubstacks shouldn’t need to come broken in.
Comparisons between old and new PGM:


It should come unresponsive, My PGM didn’t require any breaking in, and I have never had this “Clicking” sound  ???

I liked the old one. Too bad they don’t sell those anymore.

what if i bought a od10 ball would that fit in it?

Yep, but the pgm’s bearings are on spacers.


You’ll have to use pliers and remove them before you can put a 10 ball there. But it will fit.

i thought that the spacers were only stuck to the bearing like that in the old ones in the new ones pics the spacers are on the bearing seat

It comes unresponsive right out of the box and I have never heard of it becoming responsive. Be sure to not over tighten it and it is a great yoyo. Hubstacks dont need breaking in from what ive heard. :slight_smile: it is a great yoyo. trust me!!!