ogopogo is broken, need advice on it bearing. HELP!

Okay i got a BVM Ogopogo a week ago and was so excited, it is so loud and when you take the yoyo apart and flick it arond the seat it wont even spin. This makes it responsive. This happens everytime i get a new yoyo and i feel that there is no way out of it. My bearings will never stop doing this. I havent done anything to it, in fact ive kept it perfectly mint. What am I doing wrong?

There must be something that keeps getting into your bearing. I’m not sure what, but that’s really the only plausible reason that I can see.

Maybe it’s hair or lint? I would take out your bearing and clean it with something like mineral spirits. Also, did you break in the bearing? It may be the reason you always have a responsive yoyo when you first get it.

yeah people keep bringing breaking in the bearing up. When ur breaking it in, will it always become responsive?


What string are you using?


Yeah, it might be the breaking in. It might take weeks. Also, the best way is to clean it. But make sure you dry the bearing very well.

Dont worry,CLYW always load their bearings with lube,I believe thick lube.There are two choices,one is keep playing until it is broken in,or two ,clean the bearing. :wink:

Yeah it took my FHZ bearing some time too break in (Duncan bearings are crappy by the way) and still is super responsive. Just try to clean it and make sure to blow out all the mineral spirits with compressed air before you put lube in it. My DM and Axiom bearings played really well when i got them so it might just be the company

Actually, the Ogopogo comes with a cleaned bearing, not lubricated.

CLYW load their bearing with lube as far as I know,maybe YYN cleans them.

AFAIK, all CLYW yoyos, excluding the very latest colorway of peaks (brown with red splash, gold nugget), come with cleaned bearings and are unresponsive out of the box.
Only the new colorway of peaks, brown w/ red and gold nugget, come with lightly lubricated bearings and require a short break in period.
When I received the chesterman peak, it had a cleaned bearing. When a friend of mine received a ogopogo bvm, it had a cleaned bearing.

Alright then.

Ha, PWNED :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m guessing there is nothing in your bearing seat either? If you didn’t check that, do so.
Also, does it help at all to clean the bearing?