What to expect from SR!

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Hey guys, in my upcoming reviews, I will be adding more and more things. Here are some of my next reviews- dv888, Catch 13, and hopefully reviews on all the YYF Countdown releases. I will be more detailed in my next reviews, and add pictures and product specs. So there that is. Hope you enjoy my next reviews!

dv888 Review- August 3
Catch 13 Review- Today
BOSS Review- Today
Buddha King 2 Review- Pending
Die-Nasty Review- Pending
Counter Attack Review- Today

See my current reviews here- http://sryoyoreviews.webs.com/
Current Reviews: PGM v2, X-ConVict, NXG, C13


Cant wait!


cool ill be on the look out for the catch 13 review

(Jamesofyoyo) #4

Thats awsome! ;D



I’ll watch for them.

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Guess what? YYF Countdown Blog said that BLC goers will have the chance to try all the newest yo-yo’s from YYF! I will try and get to all of the yo-yo’s there, and write reviews! Hopefully, I’ll have my usual in depth reviews on the following- Catch 13, BOSS, Counter Attack, Die-Nasty, Adjust-O-Matics, Buddha King 2, Pocket Change and Genesis! Expect the newest reviews, on the newest yo-yo’s, from SR!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

All of them? D:


We need some more reviews.

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Most likely yes. If I get to trying them all.


Great! I think you are doing a very good job on your reviews. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, hopefully I can get some reviews in tommorow, my day is packed.

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