What to do with Rooted Galaxy S3?


I thought you were supposed to do cool stuff with a rooted Android. I did it. I now have the App “SuperSU” but I don’t know where I go from here… Is there a place where you download different things??? I know I’m missing something.


If you just added root access then you have opened the door to many different apps and custom tweaks that only are available with root. I would recommend trying a custom ROM out such as Cyanogenmod. This changes the look of your phone and can allow you to have an unreleased android version. Rooting does not give you a special app store like jailbreaking on iOS gives you Cydia. You are now just able to do and download whatever you want to. Another thing I would do is block ads with an ad blocker. And download “ROM Toolbox” to start tweaking some things for yourself. Also get the Titanium Backup app for sure. Rooting also allows you to install a terminal emulator and some video game emulators which are cool. There is a lot you can do, so I would just start by searching the internet for cool things to do with root access, or the play store for apps that require a rooted device. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Even without custom ROMs, a rooted Android opens up the world of Tasker to you. :wink:


What is Tasker?

I’m not well-versed in this type stuff so I’ve a lot to learn.


Tasker is a tool for automating everything you can imagine. There’s a lot of power, but I honestly really only use it for two sides of one scenario:

  1. Tasker recognizes when I am at home or work. I let it assume that my phone is “safe” and disable the unlock screen so that I don’t have to be entering a code all the time.

  2. Tasker recognizes when I’ve left home or work, and it disables WiFi (if WiFi was on) as well as re-enabling my lock screen.

There’s so much more you can do, but those alone were worth it to me. :wink:


Wifi hotspot!!! I use this on my jailbreak iphone. I have unlimited data so i use my phone as a hotspot :wink:


Well, I finally got Cyanogenmod on my phone. I’m just waiting on it to finish doing whatever it’s doing and start back up…


Uhhh well… It’s not getting out of this screen that you can see in the video at the 13:25 minute mark…



Nevermind. I got it fixed. This Cyanogenod is pretty sweet!


Did you get Cyanogenmod 10? The stable version?


So… Question for any phone geeks out there :

How exactly do you root a Galaxy S2? I’ve been online, read a bunch of step by step instructions, but am still stuck.

I am on a Mac, so I downloaded Heindall (as opposed to Odin) and downloaded the correct kernel. When I restart in download mode, nothing happens. Can’t figure out exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, or getting Heindall to do?


should I root my new razr maxx hd, I am great with linux and can definetly handle the techincal part of rooting, but with the ability to automate tasks with out rooting(some motorola thing that came on the phone) and to download apps from outside the playstore(humble bundle!) why root. I am content.


It took me a while to get it working right but I just kept watching YouTube videos and just kept messing with different things on my phone and finally got it right.


rooted my razr maxx hd, cyanogen mod doesn’t work right according to their website even the unofficial rom, makes the camera and video recording not work, so for the meantime I am sticking with the stock rom.


How do I take the Cyanogen Mod off if I want?


did you backup your stock rom, if not you might be able to find it online or wait for a carrier update


I’m not worried about it. I just got a bunch of new themes so it’s keeping things fresh.


Flash a new ROM that you want to install instead. Or if you want to go back to stock, flash the stock ROM. Download the ROMs from the internet, and boot into recovery and wipe (if necessary), and then flash them.


You should always wipe the Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data, /sdext, and bootloop. Not doing so can really mess you up in certain roms.

BTW- CM10=<3 I only wish it was stable on my phone. I can’t wifi hotspot, MMS, or use the camera, so that’s a total deal killer for me. I’m stuck with CM9, or actually as of right now, CM7.2