Unlocking after Root without stock ROM


So, I have the AT&T Galaxy S3. It is Rooted but it doesn’t have the stock ROM, or anything, backed up. I’m trying to unlock the phone but I’m not having any luck with the GalaxSim Unlock app and can’t run the nv_data in Terminal Emulator since it’s not found…

What can I do?


I was going to say this question may probably be better suited over at xda-developers, but it seems like you already posted there :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried contacting AT&T support (either phone or live chat) and asking for your unlock key?


I just did but I have to wait for a response. I meet all of the requirements so I have it’s that simple… Thanks, once again, for your help espionage. Maybe I should just PM you with all of my tech questions? lol


Well, they sent me two emails… the first one said they can’t do it because my contract isn’t up yet… but they followed that email up with another saying they are reviewing my request. ???


Both are automated and may have arrived out of order. Support is tough stuff and they have canned responses that probably got sent out. What’s confusing is that they may have arrived slightly out of order depending on the time in-between. If it was within a few minutes, it could be that they were reviewing your request and then said that the contract isn’t up.

If it was longer than that (a few hours or more) it’s more likely that the canned response said “no” and the follow-up response was the accurate one (“reviewing”).


Yeah, they aren’t going to approve it, it seems… any other options???


I posted another download link on your xda thread.

If you still want to give acquiring an unlock code a try, I might suggest trying to get in contact with a live person, either via phone, live chat, or in-store visit if possible; might have better luck with any of those. I’ve heard of people having various levels of success with talking to a live person (some got their code via live chat, others had to call in, some got it on the first call, others the second, etc).

I’d probably just try that re-stock thing mentioned on that xda thread though, seems like it could be less hassle.


I’m downloading the one from your link now. I’m not going to go through too much trouble because it’s really not even mine anymore. I sold it yesterday and they decided to ask me if it was unlocked today. Since I hadn’t shipped it out yet I told them I’d check into it. So, if this doesn’t work, I’ll let them deal with it.