FS/T: B-grade 07 888 LF: blue or red Dna

Hi guys! This is another one of my BST’s and i just figured out how to get pictures to show up on the bst and im super excited. Im here to throw out my 888 and samsung phone for trade/money/whatever. As for pricing, i would just say OFFER and well go from there. I can take cash or trades.

I have a near mint B-grade 888. It is smooth though and comes with black dicestacks. I think the pictures show that it has white ones, but im selling/trading it with the BLACK DICESTACKS (just so no one gets mistaken). Its an 888 and it is an 07 and it is smooth. The third picture doesnt really capture it too well, but there is a tiny pinprick and you can find it at this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/69780946@N02/8494833684/in/photostream/





NYYR: I have a Boost Mobile Samsung Transform Ultra (sprint service and it can be flashed to other providers) with less than 3 weeks of service on my old boost mobile account. Im on a different carrier and have no use for the phone or the minutes and its just going to waste  ( service runs through MARCH 8TH ). I didnt have pictures last time, but i do now. The phone is practically new (besides me just using it for 1 month). Phone Specs: 1ghz snapdragon single core processor, 950 mb internal memory (i do have a 16gb micro sd card for it), 400x640 3.5" (same size as iphone 4/4s) screen resolution hgva, 0.3mp front and 3.2mp back camera, full slider qwerty keyboard, access to google market, and boost doesnt really monitor the fact that i can create hotspots with it (such a nice perk). Its only a 3g phone, though. Here are some pictures of it.



And if you would just like to read about the phone and the plans and stuff, (hopefully the mods dont take this down. im just trying to help others understand where to find out more about this phone and be respectful to forum rules. Please take this down if it violates any rules. I apologize in advance.), visit www.boostmobile.com

LF: Blue or Red Colorway DNA/B-grade DNA
Roll Model
yellow/blue genesis+ (or red or purple colorways)
Sasquatch (purple, red or green)
44 special/regular 44
****************AT&T/TMOBILE/UNLOCKED ANDROID. Must at least run Android 2.3 gingerbread will take IPHONES (only 4 or 4s) too! need one ASAP for straight talk!

do how much 35$

Yes or no? stop bumping around :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: