Rooted Android device


Has anyone dared to open a new realm of your Android device by rooting it or flashing a custom ROM? I just flashed Cyanogenmod 10 (pre-rooted) to my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket this morning. It’s awesome and you can do so much more!


My friend rooted my old g1 so fun lol


What did you do to it? Download apps that require root access, or just mess around with it? :stuck_out_tongue:




Messed with settings tons of free games. had a market app that gave so many fun free games. its still laying around collecting dust now XD


Haven’t installed a custom ROM yet, but I like to have a rooted Android. There are certain things you just can’t do without root.

It opens up a lot more possibilities for Tasker, just for starters. Tasker is some powerful stuff!


I did, about a year ago. So glad I did. I’m working on yoyocreeps phone right now

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rooted mine as soon as i got home with it (Galaxy S III). took me less than 5 minutes… took me almost 2 hours on my Motorola Atrix.

it is pretty amazing.
Root+APK Installer+Torrent Pro (on phone) = you can do anything (mostly) for FREE lol


The thing is apps like titanium backup or ones that are specifically for rooted phones cost money lol.


Titanium backup Is the only app I paid for. Definitely worth it.


I saw that my backup root is free, so I think I’m getting that one instead because $7 is a lot even if it’s worth it…


Free one works for backing up. The rest of the tools didnt work until I purchased the license tho


$7 is one of the more expensive apps you can buy, but it’s not a lot of money to spend on something that will make your life easy when it comes to trying out different ROMs, etc.

When you forget about the fact that so many apps are only $2 (and therefore $7 is over three times as expensive as most apps!!) you realize that it’s still cheap. I can’t even get a burger combo for $7 at most places.