Any Android modders out there?


I was just wondering if there is any other Android Modders out there. I’ve always had an interest in the Android OS (since my first smartphone) but I just recently in the last few months got into rootingand flashing custom ROMs. I see why it’s so addicting for people now!
I’m Currently running a Galaxy S3, SCH-I535. It’s rooted, unlocked, and running the Jelly beans build 14 ROM, with lean kernel. Anybody else out there?


Yes!, Rooted/Unlocked Galaxy S3. I use Cyanogen Mod.


Nice. I’ve been wanting to to try CM 10.1 but I’ve really been liking jelly beans. I like having some of the touch wiz stuff but not having all the bloat ware. I would like to have better battery life though. How is your battery like on CM?
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No bloatware on my phone.
My battery life is good. about 4 hours of constant use of the 4G (netflix), 8 hours of just playing music or w/e. If the phone is idle or unused I can go at least 20-24 hours.
I used jellybean before I flashed to Cyanogen. You would be doing yourself a favor if you switched too. The amount of customization features that you get is astounding. I took me a good 3 or 4 weeks to fully understand the potential of it (I’m sure i missed something).

Just a word of warning about the S3. Get a battery temperature monitor if you do any WiFi Tethering or excessive Netflix (or similar) use. The location of the external SD Card slot is very close to the battery. my phone reaches 105F regularly. The first time it happened to me it damaged the connection and now the slot works intermittent at best and will also sometimes damage the card so it needs to be reformatted. I did some searching on some of the Android forums and found out that this is a common issue among the S3s.


My sister’s fiance rooted my old phone which was a G1 it worked great. I had cyanogen mod on it and the amount of things capability is amazing!


Yeah i’ve read about that on the XDA forums but never experienced it myself and i’ve had two galaxy s3s.
I finally got my ps3 controller hacked so I can use it on my phone now though. You have to hack the bluetooth signal so it connects to your phones bluetooth address and not the ps3. It’s awesome. Now I can use it to plays games and best of all… Fly my A.R. Drone. It’s friggen amazing.


Rooted unlocked Galaxy S2; however, no custom mod because I have one of those weird Canadian models that nobody seems to make ROMs for. Sure, you can find people saying “Mostly works”, but I prefer a full-on “meant to be flashed” ROM, and I haven’t really found one yet.

I do like having a custom launcher (using GoLauncher despite the constant promotion of their other products), and I also like tweaking the heck out of things with Tasker.


Wow, that’s a bummer. Can root but no roms. I use Nova launcher. Is compatible with everything and has all the customizations you could want. I tried go launcher and liked it, but like you said all their advertisements get really irritating, and even if you buy the paid versions they are still there. I use go SMS pro and really like it, but that’s extent of the applications I use from the Go dev team.


Fur those interested in CyanogenMod check our ROMManager. Can flash rooms from phone without using a PC.
It makes things super easy too.
Phone must be rooted.


Which one (who is “our”)? Keen on seeing if there’s any love to be had for my Samsung SGH-I959


Rom Manager as in the app by Clockwork Mod team?
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Sorry meant check out ROMMANAGER.


I made a thread like this one a little while ago. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket rooted running Cyanogenmod 10. There is an experimental 10.1+ out but I think I’ll wait for for the stable version. I too use Nova Launcher and many other root apps such as ROM toolbox, AdFree, Wifi Tether, and Titanium Backup just to name a few.

@nicholi2789- Is that PS3 controller hack just for GS3 users?


It can be done with the majority of rooted smartphones. It’s actually pretty easy to do provided you have a windows computer. If you want I can send you detailed instructions. Just let me know.

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