What to do with my dual starburst kickside

I have a dual starburst kickside, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t like it as it is; the response is too unreliable. What mod would you for better responsive play? I was thinking about sanding off the starburst and putting large bearing friction stickers in it for responsive play.

Any ideas?

Dude just PM the Jrod… Eh the kickside modder dude. Sorry I’m bad with names, and lazy, but see what he would charge to recess the two halves.

That thing could take just about any mod ever. What specifically about the response do you not like? reliable? to me that means lasting a long time. that starburst really will last a very long time.
So I figure you mean something about the play. I have found starburst to be very consistent, since it doesn’t change much over time. But I suppose you are talking about snagging?
If so, something with a below flush response will help.
Like silicone, but you probably have a double silicone kickside, since you have a double starburst.
I do not think it is worth while to flush sticker mod it, but it won’t really hurt anything but the starburst, so since that was your idea, I would do that first and then if you decide you want to go farther it will be ready for that.

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By unreliable, I mean it doesn’t necessarily come back with a good tug. The hybrid response was much better, as the o-ring grabs on the string as it starts winding up. The starburst alone is so slippy that often the string winds around the bearing a bunch of times without actually catching and returning. Even when it does, the winding is so loose that the next throw thunks at the end of the string. I could add a bunch more lube to the bearing, but I’d rather improve the response.

So the options are sanding the starburst and putting stickers on, or sending it to a modder for some recessing. Anything else I can do at home?

That’s a good point that doing the first will not stop me from doing the second.

ya’ sounds like the gap is too wide for the response. Outside putting in a thin bearing, or sanding down the bearing seat <–(which i don’t recommended.) I can’t think of any right off the top of my head, that will make the gap thinner.
Possibly get some wider string? That would do about the same thing as closing the gap.

Lube the bearing and give it to a beginner.