What to do on a 14 hour plane ride?

I’m going to China, any ideas?

Stay up all night before your flight and just sleep the whole way. Or bring a good book.


Pen spin, sleep, read, watch a movie on a tablet…

when permitted stand up in the cabin and perform a freestyle in front of everyone

Lol my mom says I can only read “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens.

That’d certainly put most people to sleep. I mean, I love Dickens but he’s a bit heavy when you get into it.


Some airlines have movies, games, and music for free or a small fee on the tv’s on the back of the seats.

get a bunch of guys with acoustic instruments.

jam on the plane.

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Bring a Rubik’s Cube or Buckyballs…let your imagination be free!

Hmmmm… I got stuck in a airport for 6 hours… All I did was play angry birds and go up and down on moving side walks…

Have good entertainment AKA you cant bring a metal Yoyo on the plane due to it being a metal so it will make beepy noises through the metal detector. On another hand if the plane has Wi Fi use it. And talk to us on YYE. Or if it doesn’t have an IPod touch if you have one with you. Also I you do have one buy a bunch of movies on it (or rent them) and watch that. And download a whole lot of apps for games to have a more pleasant time. One other thing it also helps to have homework while your on it. So that you are caught up to date with homework for the week so you don’t have to spend a whole bunch of time back home to make it up. Plus I also find it handy to have sticky notes, paper,pencil, and tape along. In case you get bored you can make origami critters or draw on the paper to entertain yourself. And one more thing might want to practice your Chinese on the plane so you at least know to ask where the bathroom is fluently. On another hand try taking a nap if it’s overnight. But chances are if your flying in coach that will fairly hard to do.

I took my wooly marmot on the airplane…

Abby, you can bring metal things on the plane. :wink: You just have to pass it through the Xray machine and potentially explain what it is.

A quiet yoyo with hubstacks… you could practice vertical sidewinders and binding your fingerspins. :wink:

Yes you can. Please get your facts straight.

But when my sphero when through the X-ray they thought it was a bomb!

I have been on a few trips to Japan. I would always stay awake the night before, and then pump myslef full of Dramamine and over the counter sleep aids. lol. My best flight I fell asleep 40 minutes after take off, and woke up 20 minutes prior to landing. I slept almost 10 hours ;D.

I’m going to Vietnam. 14 hours is Leg 1. I end up in Hong Kong witha 5 hour lay-over.

I’m bringing yoyos, kendama, spin top and maybe these AstroJax I scored. I also may be bringing my Nintendo DS, some books. I’m actually hoping I’ll sleep. However, I don’t sleep too well on airplanes. I dislike flying and I don’t really like being packed in like that, as I’m a bit claustrophobic. I like my “personal space”!

When you leaving? Maybe we’re on the same flight. We can throw together while we wait at the airport, and if you forgot yoyos you can borrow mine before we board.

Sit, read, eat,sleep repeat the process all over again

Zen magnets, sleep, read, music, dream about the crazy freestyles you will do waiting for luggage, make a new friens

Get an entire Anime Series, nothing passes 14 hours by like a good show. Honestly, not even anime, just any show, I spent 32 hours up watching How I Met Your Mother.