what to choose.....

i want to move to an all metal from my dark magic, but i want the onedrop 54 yoyo when it comes out. should i get a new yoyo now and blow off the 54 yoyo (and if so, any reccomendations?) or wait for the 54? ps, i want a yoyo with hubstacks.

also, everyone who is the boss of me and a non yoyoer, thinks that a yoyo for 40 dollars is expensive, so keep the price under 50.

Try the dingo or go for the 54 also u might like the dv888 or some other fundametals

If you really want the 54 i’d wait. Don’t let the itch to own a full metal as quickly as possible get the best of you.

Your not going to find a yoyo with hubstacks for $50. I would just try Dingo.


you could find decent all metals for under 50, but if you want high grade yoyos (clyw, yyf, etc) then your gonna need some big bucks. you could try the dv888 but the summer sale is over so itll cost you the regular 80 bucks. also if your parents think that over 40 is expensive, save up for your yoyos with your own money. if they still resist, tell them its your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

It’s not metal but the grind machine has hubstacks

You mean $65, right?

And, I made a move to Metals after 4 months. Couldn’t be happier. Got the DV888.

I would suggest the DV888 or Dingo as a first metal. I have a DV888 as my main throw right now. Hasn’t let me down once.

Its possible to stack a dingo if you really want stacks but for me they got boring after 5 min.

Oh, yeah. Sorry, I forgot the PGM. (Plastic Grind Machine).