No words…?

Yeah I guess half of that team isn’t on the team.

They have shinji, Pat and Justin Weber there too.

Joey said Yomega doesnt have a team anymore

I’m pretty sure thats old.

it is but, never would of thought he was team yomega

Yomega are somewhat in denial over who they sponsor and who they don’t.

Well he is a worlds 2a player right? He was throwing 2a way before 1a. And Ben has him now so …

just like in worlds :P. And was ando one of the ones who sold the stuff in that confrence room?

The players didn’t sell anything. The players didn’t even know that the heads of Yomega were doing that.

oops, sorry yomega team.

leave it to john ando to make us talk again

Noticed this a while back… Really weird news for me too.

That page says it all about Yomega. Out of date and out of touch.

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