If you are on say the Duncan yo yo team could you only use Duncan yo yos or could you use like the yoyojam speed maker?

If you are sponsored, you can only use their yoyos for competitions, but you can have other yoyos and use them for just playing around.

What about John Ando who is sponsored by Yomega who freestyled with a Superstar?

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Hmm. He might have worked out a deal with them or something. From what I heard from other people on this is that if you are sponsored by one company you can’t have freestyle with another company.

Maybe because Yomega is very lenient.

Yeah, could be. After all, they only have one metal yoyo I think. I’m not saying that he has to use a metal, but Yomega is better known for their beginner yoyos and not the advanced ones.

Very true. Im sure he made a deal like using a YYF but preaching Yomega.

lol if im not wrong john ando is sponsored by YYF now and he is also sponsored by yoomga last time

His is currently sponsored by YYF.

jonRob is sponsored by SPYY and uses FHZ to compete…


That was before he was sponsored by SPYY.

Yuuki has used Aquarius for 4a freestyle at nats but I think thats because YYF doesnt have good 4a yoyo.

YoYoFactory Offstring…

It honestly all depends on the contract with your sponsor, some sponsors make contracts, others don’t. Generally you can have other yoyos other than the company you’re sponsored by, but are only sposed to compete with the yoyos made by your sponsor.

Yeah, being sponsored by BBYY must be Awesome!


well I think he was sponsor by yyf and yomega


I think it all is based on whats in “good taste” and respect to your sponsor.

The company gives you gear to play with in competition…so it would be in good taste to use it. I play with other companies yo-yo’s outside of competition…but would prefer to respect my company by using their products on stage.

If your not using their product and representing their company…then they have no reason to sponsor you. So you may get kicked off the team/lose your sponsorship.

I lucked out by getting sponsored by the brand that I love 8)