What strings do I want for fixed axle?

I have an old butterfly that I want to use, and I’ve been throwing it with 100% poly strings. Are cotton strings good for metal axles?

If the axle is metal, use whatever you want. I would suggest trying cotton and slick6 to see if you notice anything favorable for you.

If the Yoyo Yoyo is wooden I use cotton. But if it’s something else I like using polyester.

I don’t think it’s as big of a deal since the axle is metal but I still prefer the responsiveness of cotton in my wood throws

I have found the poly will thin out quicker that the cotton. This will eventually cause a runaway butterfly. Slicks are you good option as previously stated.

Cotton is my preference. Slick 8 is better WRT wear and breakage.

Lol why did this get moved? Its a question haha

Thanks for the feedback, I’m gonna get some 100% cotton with my next YYE order.

Just stick with cotton, so you get the same feel when using both metal axles and wood axles. And you then don’t have to worry about stocking up on two different kinds of string.

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