What strings are the best?

I am going to be using a Legacy II for single A intermediate tricks. What strings is it best to buy? And in what kind of pack (10, 25, 100)?

If unresponsive, I just bought a pack of 100 fat kitty strings. Love those things

I have a legacy 2 first off good choice it will take you a lot farther than you think. And second off sting wise string lab type x string is great! It last for ever! But if you want decent strings that are really one of a kind grand rapids string on the forum has great strings!

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Mostly, this is going to be up to you. I liked starting off with bulk you so you know you’ll have strings to use. The perhaps “fancy” strings such as YYSL Type X and Grand Rapids will not feel any different if you haven’t tried enough strings.

If you haven’t I’d suggest trying the basic string types: Cotton, Slick 6 (50/50 Cotton/Poly), and Polyester strings.

Buy what you think you will need, chances are you won’t make it through it any time soon. I bought 100 Slick 6 when I started, and I’ve been trying other strings as well. Needless to say, I have barely gotten through the 100 I originally purchased. Average bulk string will offer around 2-3 hours of play before it loses its bounce, changing it is up to you though.

Typically, when you purchase the “fancy” strings, you’re looking for an extended bounce or overall quality of play even after the string is broken in. Based off of the tricks you’re doing, I’d suggest Slick 6 or Poly, but some people use cotton all the time too even though it is marked on the site as a beginner string.

Buy a 100 count of YYE 100% polyester. That’s more than sufficient to get the job done.

There’s plenty of other decent stuff out there in bulk. Buy the 100-counts, they offer the best value for your money. Now, since you’re claiming to be from Lithuania(some people like to pretend to be from somewhere else), keep in mind shipping is expensive, so if you can’t find something more affordable in regards to shipping, you might want to order anywhere from 2 to 5 100-counts of string. Choose something bright so you can see the string easier.

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