What String would be better?

I either want to get Neon Orange string, or Red Orange Yellow twisted 100 Poly string for my Orange Acid Wash C3 Capless. Is Neon string really cool looking and worth it?

I have an orange acid wash capless and it looks awesome with neon orange string. It matches really well.

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I would go with the plain neon orange. I actually got 200 of said neon orange about 2 years ago, and I still like them. I mean I use my kitty string more now because I like how it plays better, but I still like the plain orange. The string is really vibrant, and it goes well with a lot of colors, as it really pops. Plus the contrast of the solid colour string with the acid washed throw will look nice.

I’d go with the neon yellow or green myself. I like the bright color to help me see it. I don’t video, but they are both video friendly, but the yellow will flare a bit due to the contrast.

What’s most important is you like the string based on performance. Color is secondary. I will say that with the while 100% Poly YYE 100-count I got, that batch(almost 2 years old now) doesn’t hold well. I think that through the dying process, the chemical alters the thread and makes it performs better in my opinion. The white isn’t bad, it’s just the orange, yellow and green seem to hold up better. I’m sure the white has been improved since then.

I’m using YYSL Type X right now. I’m liking that a lot. Bright neon yellow. Good stuff too.

I use bright yellow nylon Kitties on every throw!

I second this. I got bundles of this stuff.

If you were to get yellow, I would have to go with BG1 Yellow Jackets. I would go with them over anything actually. Wish they hadn’t named them Yellow Jackets so more colors could be made.