What String Size do you Like?

What the title says.
I can’t post every single brand/product so I just put in the sizes. After voting, put in which specific string and why!
Just thought it’d be fun since every other post is about the yoyo itself… how about string!!

I like thick strings for extra grip on binds, my fav are BYYS Fat Chicks! YYSL AMMO is very nice as well

I never really liked thick string because it’s more prone to snags, but feel nice. I like Jackrabbits, because they’re good all-around string.

Thicker than a normal Type 6. Thick Metz is too thick. Type X, Ammo and Trixtra are like perfect.

I am a huge fan ofKitty String Normal

Fat Kitty is my favorite. I think something that’s thicker but not super thick. When I want something a Tad thinner I go for JackRabbits.
I really like the feel of thick Metz but they were to thick. Can a body compare thin Metz to another string according thickness?

Fat kitty and fat candy slack for me. Used to use hamstring, had a little stockpile. But it’s just too hard for me.

Thin nylon. No snags, but still whippy