What string does andre use?


What string does andrè use in the tutorial videos?
Also, does anyone know a tutorial on the unresponsive sidewinder that andrè does in his videos?

(M.DeV1) #2

Standard white poly most likely.


I’m not sure I’ve seen the exact sidewinder you’re referring to, but I do sidewinders all the time by starting a bind and then doing the sidewinder as it comes back to the hand. Doesn’t work so well if your yoyo is rotating at top speed; otherwise works pretty much the same.

Other than that, sometimes I put my thumb at the string about 8 inches away from the yoyo and hop it up a few times to the side, creating a sidewinder-like effect that adjusts string tension.


I think the sidewinder croco is talking about is where Andre lifts the yoyo up with his hand, like a grind, and holds the string to the side to create the sidewinder effect.


Probably standard yye poly


Can you guys give me the best easy string tightening/loosening trick that you can do on an unresponsive yoyo? I would like a tutorial.


You just need to do the first one he shows.