What sized o-ring fit a PGM?

on the outside to increase weight?

Just go to a hardware store and put them in until you get one that’s very snug and possibly even hard to get in and get flat. You’ll have to in order to get it anyways, so you can kill two birds with one stone here. :slight_smile:

my local store only has them in little boxes i cant rip them out

Have you tried? Most of those packages are easy to open and it might seem weird but you can take them out to see that they fit. Also, usually the bigger ones aren’t packaged like that. I could be wrong though.

im just scared that once the oring goes in i wont be able to get it out

When did you get this PGM? If you know, is it a V1 or V2?

Pretty sure its a V2 got in maybe nov. or possibly dec. if that helps

Ok yeah I didn’t think about that part at first. However, if you bring a little needle or pin of some kind, it should be fairly easy to get it out.

I got it. I think it was 3/32 or 2/32 whichever is an actual size

what is the diameter of the o-ring