pgm andfhz weight ring


anyone know the size rubber or ring or washer for a fhz and oring i can buy for a pgm like the ones in pgm v1 or the stackless one


Highly doubt that this will help but just in case…

The size of unstretched Mondial O-rings works perfect for me.


for the pgm or the fhz and where could i find it?


Just go to a hardware store with your yo-yos and see what fits.


I tried matching up FHZ rubber rings at Lowes and Home Depot near me with little success. I still agree with this advice, but I recommend stores like ACE and TruValue might be better places to look.

I also weight to Harbor Frieght and got these big o-ring packs for cheap, but nothing was big and thick like the items sold for FHZ weight rings. I’m not sure about size. I might play with that later.


The fat ones are hard to find, the only place I have found them are dedicated pluming stores. Good luck.