O-Rings on a YYF PGM Hubstack size


Well, today I just noticed my O ring was broken in the Hubstack on my Grind Machine.

I know you can buy em’ here, but are they cheaper to get at a hard ware store or Lowes ect.

If its cheaper here just say, if there cheaper at a hardware store, what size?


most of the hardware stores have that type of item loose.
i would just take the pgm with you and see what fits best



Well if I know what size I can grab and go. I’m to lazy to try on sizes. Just kiddin’.


i think they sell hubstack o-rings here


Sounds like a personal problem.
Always best to try it on for size.


lowes. It’s the smallest size they have


Thanks YYEman54 :D.

But, are they cheaper at Lowes than here?


yes. I got 10 o rings for 6$


i can give u some next time we meet.


Would you? Only 1. Thanks so much!