Where can I get hubstack orings


slight off topic question but have there been any stores u no of where u can buy hubstack orings.


Most hardware stores carry a selection of o-rings of various sizes.


Yeah, any hard ware stores or crafts store. And YoYo eXpert has them.


well they dont sell them here like sperate u gotta get some hubstacks to get some and they really shoul sell them seperatly so u can buy the white ones.


OK, do you mean the plastic hubstacks themselves or the rubber o-ring that keeps the bearing on? The o-rings are black not white. The plastic bits come in various colors.

The plastic bits can only be purchased from yoyo stores, unless you have access to some other source.


i mean the o ring and they do have white ones look at the new DNA u can see the white oring in the hubstack


OK. You probably won’t find those at a hardware store. You may be able to get some light blue or red ones though.


loews has them. Thats where I get them. get like 10 in a pack or something. Forget the size though make sure to bring one with you to match it up.

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I buy them directly from yyf


arent they like 20 cents a peice at hardwarestores anyways…


That sounds about right.