Where can I buy O-Rings?

my dark magic lost it’s o-rings while i was playing with it. well i guess they fell out? they can’t seem to wanna stay in. i even cleanred the groove of the yoyo cause i did see some “bleck” in it. i need to replace them. i tried looking on this site and other yooy sites but can’t seem to find where i can buy replacement o rings for my yoyo? can somebody help me out? i prefer to stick with o-rings since i’ve been using them forever now, so i don’t wanna try anything new.


You could ask for normal sized O-Rings at any good hardware store. Hope I helped. Silicon O-Rings by the way. I prefer flowable silicon though.

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can i just find a staff member and say “hey, i need some o-rings” and they’ll know what i’m talking about??

Size 9/16" ID, 3/4" OD, 3/32" Width

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Like ^^^ they said. Take the yoyo with so you can make sure they fit.

But what I really don’t understand is this:

How do they just fall out while you’re playing with it? ???

Home Depot and Lowes has every size.

It’s impossible for an o-ring to fall out unless it broke…

when i was a widdle nubleta, i took out my response pads, and tryed putting them back in, they wouldnt stick. the end

pft… you got me!! i’m just yoyoing one second, and the next, my o-rings pop out! a little worn, but not enough for them to just pop out. i’m just as confused…

Can anyone give me the dimensions for the YYF Prostar O-ring, and the YYJ Dark Magic 2 O Ring? Time for a replacement xD (Don’t forget the width please)


Just take them to a hardware store and see what fits. The DM 2 size is probably the same size given above in response to your original question.