my o-ring fell out. lol Where do I get one?

i have the YYJ atmosphere the rubber thing that is surround the bearing on the out i think make the yo yo come back up??? but any way fell out because the oil from bearing expand it. the question is should i replace it or just keep it off?

First of all a relevant title would suffice. Something like YYJ response.

Next just go to a hardware store with your yoyo and have them help you find the right size oring.

but is it important to have one there?

yah… your yoyo probably won’t come up if you don’t, or it will have slippy binds… by the way those rings are called o-rings (there the response system and are what make the yoyo come back up). You can buy them one this sight i think…

cool thanks but i have to buy one from YYJ right?

No, as already stated you can get them on this website or at at hardware store for that matter.

Fine. Ill fix the title.

Oh oops sorry miss read that part my bads.