what side effects go with the burnside?

I dont know much about side effects. But is there a certain kinda of side effects that go with a certain yoyo? Im specifically talking about the one drop Burnside. Can I pick up ANY pair of side effects and put them on a Burnside? Also, can you use then as hub stacks for like 3 seconds, because a person I know said you can use them as hub stacks for a couple seconds. Thanks!

The burnside has no S.Es and cannot use them

You can’t pick up ANY type of Side Effects to go with the Burnside. They don’t accept them.

But any Side Effects can be used on any yoyo that accepts Side Effects. That’s what’s appealing about them. You can customize your yoyo’s weight and appearance to suit your liking.

Whoops, I meant summit, thinking of wrong yoyo… Lol

Yes then. Summit accepts all side effects.

and you can use them like hubstacks…the spikes work nicely for that type of trick

For your Summit, get some spikes. They can be held for a few seconds. Any SEs will fit though