what should i get??

I just want your opinions on what yoyos to get.

Any information? Price Range preferences skill level?

From the ones listed above.

They arent listed above… Fix your post…

Wrong section. Mods do what ya do.

I have played all of them, but the shutter is the best IMO. Plays as well as a $100 dollar metal IMHO. You can only view the yoyos that he is considering on a standard Internet browser, not the app btw.

Are they listed? I dont see the yoyo names… Glitched…

poll… I think… Not sure, on my ipod. But I feel it is indeed a poll. :slight_smile:


the inspire is awesome i think its one of the smoothest hybrids there is

I chose the only 2 I have thrown. The Shutter and Dv888. The Dv888 is small but when I threw it, it felt really good. The Shutter is even better. For the same price, the Shutter is the perfect yoyo for me.