What should I get?

So I have some cash to blow at MA States coming up in September and I’ve narrowed it down to two yoyos. The YYJ Trigger and Inspire. I know not all of you have Triggers yet, but I also know some of you picked them up at Worlds. My question really isn’t which is better, but which type is better; a awesome plastic or a great bi- metal.

inspire imo. It has a great shape and feel and with the new groove thing in the body it grings great for a bi metal. And it is really good looking

I like my inspire, I’m glad I bought it. Satin the weight rings for some crazy grinds. I’ve never thrown the w trigger though

I played the Trigger at BAC. I can’t wait to get one.

The Inspire? I can guarantee I’ll get one, just not sure when.

I’m saving up a big wad of cash to blow at Nationals. Spread it around, get a little bit of this, a little bit of that, or maybe a whole lot of something. I’ll be scouting out deals and having fun!