What should I get with my chief


I’m getting the clyw chief next week and I was wondering if I should get anything extra like a bearing or axle


Get some CLYW response pads. After a while on using your chief the response will wear out. It’s always good to keep spares so you can change them out whenever you need to.


Snow Tires and Glo Mods. As Sanchez202 said, eventually the snow tires will wear down. I recommend the aqua all season pads. The Glo Mods are really cool, they’re basically Glow Sticks made specifically for the double rim of the chief.


Thanks for the info


If you haven’t already ordered your new Chief, I recommend that you purchase some sort of thin yoyo lubricant to use when your bearing starts getting very loud or responsive. I really enjoy One Drop’s V4M lube, but YoYoJam and YoYoFactory both make similar products that work well.

If you haven’t been throwing for long, the most important piece of maintenance you’ll ever need to do is cleaning your bearings. Please, if you haven’t already, learn how to do this! This forum has literally seen 100s of topics created and an equal number of people very frustrated because of this issue, so do yourself a favor and know all you need to know about bearing maintenance before you actually need to perform the procedure yourself.


Someone just posted a similar one earlier today about a Burnside.

Clean your bearing, if you’re gonna lube, use thing lube, and get extra strings.

There you go.


That “someone” is me :smiley: but maybe some pads and I already expect you to have strings so… Not really, unless you dont take good care of your yoyos.