CLYW Chief Responsive???

Hey guys! I have a CLYW Northern Lights Chief that I recently got. The thing is if I tug really hard it will come back and this is a problem when I an trying to do tricks. What can I do to resolve this issue? Also when I through it makes like this screaching noise that I think is the bearing, but I am not sure. If you have any tips on how to resolve this problem please PM me or post here! God Bless - Moefv

Could you give some more details?

Bearings often make this “screeching” noise that you’re speaking of…

It could be any number of things.

The bearing seat could be damaged.
Faulty axel.
Bad bearing.


Compare your YoYo with this one.

If the bearing seat is fine on both sides of the yo, the axel isn’t damaged/stripped/at an angle, the bearing isn’t getting stuck in the seat, then it’s probably just a bad bearing. I’d try cleaning it which you can easily find a wonderful guide on how to do here

If the axel is damaged, get a new axle.
If the bearing doesn’t work after cleaning it, get a new bearing. Chiefs take standard type C bearings.
I’m personally a 10ball fanboy.

If the bearing seat is damaged, I’d honestly try to send it back if you haven’t done anything to damage it.

Change the bearing obviously. A loud, screeching bearing + responsive = bad bearing. The only other likely option is a response pad that dislodged, but that’s pretty evident just by looking.

It sounds as if it’s a dirty bearing.

Try cleaning it using any of these methods:,871.0.html

In addition to the advice regarding cleaning, there’s a couple of things overlooked, but I still think the bearing needs to be cleaned.

1: The throw. Crooked throws can snag the response easier.

2: I can make darn near any unresponsive yoyo come back with a very hard tug. It’s gotta be rather straight up because that can get a lot of string into the gap. It’s not a good way to bring the yoyo back but I haven’t gotten a snag yet(key word: yet). Binding of course is a lot better.

As for your worries, simply change the bearing with another bearing in good condition. If the noises stop and the yoyo acts like it should, you’ll know its just the bearing.
Thats a good thing, compared to a faulty yoyo half.

It sounds like you are binding when you “tug” an unresponsive yoyo back up. Putting a lot of string into the gap in order to make the yoyo return is, you know… what binding is.