Chief sleep time.

Hello. For some strange reason my 1st run CLYW Chief has had its sleep time drastically reduced. I have tried cleaning and switching out bearings but this did not help.I know it is not my throw because before with minimal effort I could do a combo without having to worry about spin, but now it stops spinning while I am in the middle of a trick. Is there any way you can think to fix this?

Each yo-yo/-bearing combination has it’s own personality and learning curve.

Yes, something is probably going wrong. Experiment, and make sure you have at least a touch of lube (personally, I like using a micro-whisp of Vaseline). Tell us if the personality of this yo-yo isn’t up to snuff. Particularly, through the B/S/T.

Sorry, it just so happens that you get a yo-yo that you don’t jive with. Sorry, yes, life includes things you don’t like.

But does this Chief have “soul”, now?


P.S. Try changing out the response, it may be the problem, since different bearings didn’t do the tricks. Snow Tires!

The yoyo used to play fine, it just started sleeping less for no reason. It used to sleep longer and it is still one of my favorites, but the sleep time is not as good as it used to be. I have also tried different types of bearings, such as center trak, ten ball, crucial grooved, xcubed bearings, and standard YYE bearings, but it still doesnt sleep as long as it used to.

Check the axle. Probably not it but if its stripped or bent I could see that happening. Something is definitely fishy. My chief sleeps for weeks.

definitely check that response. sometimes new response will cause the string to rub. Have you had it a while or just a few months? And did you get it new or on the bst?

I checked the axle and it seems to be in order, but the response is a little worn. I have flowable silicone, would putting in new response help at all?

it’s most likely the response.
Older response won’t catch the string as well on the way down, which will make it not spin as fast.
Try putting in new response if you want. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I dunno what else will.

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its worth a shot. Put some flowable in there and let us know if it came around.

I’d like to see the yoyo taken apart and then a photo of the center area where the response is and the bearing seat.

Any bearing doing this leads me to think it’s not the bearing. Or the bearing seat.

I’m guessing maybe the response was a bit defective and its popping out of response groove and it’s rubbing along the string.

Since the yoyo is compatible with silicone, use what you like. It can’t get worse at this point.