Clyw not like it used to be

So I have A clyw chief and when I got it the spin lasted 3-2 minutes and now it’s down to 1:30 ish I cleaned the bearing is this normal

Well, Honestly does it matter too much?
Maybe its just the bearing, not the yoyo.
How did you clean it?

Mineral Spirits and yes it does matter for doing string tricks

Replace the bearing. They haven’t changed the design of the chief recently. It’s defiantly a bearing problem. And if that still doesn’t help, try throwing it harder. And if that doesn’t help 1:30 is pretty long for a straight combo. Just be happy with what you have.

really? Most of my yoyos spin for about 1 to 2 mins or so.
And I can do a combo through the entire minute and longer.
Hm. I Guess just change the bearing!

Most definitely your bearing. If that doesn’t cure it, i would blame the arm thats become so used to NOT having to throw as hard to get a good spin therefore atrophying and you need physical therapy.

A chief should sleep longer than 3 minutes…

Really? Maybe I have some super weak throws. I can’t get any of my yoyos past 3 mins
And my Chief only goes to 2ish
But honestly, I can still pummel out a 1:30 min combo. Hm weird

Can’t do a trick? Blame the company.

It’s always someone else’s fault ;D

A 30-second spin time difference is most likely the result of your throwing technique. Besides, there aren’t many people who consistently pump out 3 minute combos without binding.

In fact, I’ve only seen 1 past the 3min mark, and 1 pass the 2min mark.
Most combos I’ve seen are only 30 seconds to a minute

I bind within like, 15-25 seconds, everytime… So a 1.5 minute sleeper is more than enough for me. I don’t throw hard anymore though. I just kind of lob it now.

I usually bind within 20 seconds, I can’t see it being a big deal if it only spins 2 minutes…

Not for me.


I blame my throw not being perfect and I blame my lacking skills. I am NOT faulting the yoyo and/or bearing.

Since we’ve been talking “cleaning bearing”, the OP has yet to reveal how the bearing was cleaned. I’ve seen too many people talk about cleaning their bearings and then when pressed to share how they did it, they didn’t do it right, or at least they didn’t do it one of the many right ways.

In June I was performing for my niece’s 1st grade class and they wanted me to see how long it slept… I got just a hair over 8 minutes with my berry berry chief…

Chiefs, without performing tricks, sleep so long. My friend and I tested it in class once and it went for about 6:30. 8 minutes is insane!

Yea, my throw must be extremely bad because I’ve compared my chief to my ricochet and both maxed around 2 minutes. Plenty of time for combos but not even a quarter of 8 minutes lol.

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These people were most likely using the string twisting method which increases sleep time significantly

Yup I was using the string twisting method. Frankley I never do this (test spin time) but the kids wanted to see it and they timed it so I figured what the heck!!!

I had them all guess before I started and the winner would get a Classic!!! the winner guessed 7 minutes!!! (I did not think I would have gotten past 5) Oh well!!! I have a freind that got over 10 mins on a Chief!!

What is this method exactly?

While the yoyo is sleeping you grab the string closest to the axle and start untwisting the string