Clyw chief responsive?

So, I just got a chief, and for some reason it is somewhat tug responsive out of the box. do I have to break in the pads? Or is it the bearing?

It’s the bearing.

All clyw are like this new. It’s the bearing, you just have to play with it for a while.

99% of responsiveness is on the bearing.

should i clean it?

You can 9/10 times just play it for a hour or so and it should go unresponsive.

Although, a couple times I’ve had them seem to never get unresponsive so I just swap out the bearing or clean it.


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and for some reason, the chief came with a CTX instead of the flat ten ball that yoyoexpert said it would come with. I have paint thinner, that would work for cleaning it, right?

Paint thinner - mineral spirits, lacquer thinner? Yes those work fine. I prefer mineral spirits over lacquer thinner. It’s less harsh.

CLYW used to be CTX in the past and people complained about breaking them in so they went flat ten ball . People then complained about it not being a CTX so they went back again lol.