What should I enter at BLC?


Ok so Im not sure what style I should do at BLC 1a prelim is done but I could easily make a 5a FS in a day or two.
Which style should I do?
(And eric since I know youre always on my case; I am going to BLC.)


Why not both?

Anyway, I would enter 1A if i only had one style to compete in.


Is there a division where I can switch between differnt styles?


Probably less competition in 5A, more opportunity to differentiate. But up to you. Do both! :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look like it (no “open”).


5a might be more flashy, but you’ve got an amazing 1a style. Nicely done, it must’ve taken a lot of practice to get were you are now.


I don’t think I’m gonna enter. :-\


Fixed :slight_smile:


I haven’t even started a freestyle or anything. :-[

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

I haven’t either! :open_mouth:


I havent either…cept a 1a prelim and some of a 5a FS…


my one and only question is that. are you going to enter?


Could you restate that?


Yes, that didn’t really sound like a question.


are you going to blc?
if you are are you going to enter?


Off-topic: Do you have a Hybrid Hitman?, Can you tell me how it plays? :smiley:


Dacklink: Yes Ill enter if I like my FS
Ihatematt: I have tried a hybrid hitman and they play ok, Id reccomend the dual oring instead


Check the BLC thread, I posted some more current info (not on the BLC website yet looks like) - seems like there might be an “open” on day 2:


he tried my old hybrid hitman
I prefer the dual o rings too


It seems the votes say I should do 5a but im starting feel confident w/ my 1a and I have a crazy awesome trick I like…so I think… Ill enter BOTH!