What's YOUR style?

Ok, don’t go posting what your FAVORITE style is. Post your style. The style that, if you HAD to enter a competition today, and you could only do one style, what would you do? It MUST be a freestyle division.

For me, I would probably enter 5a if I had to enter one. But soon I’ll be starting 3a, so I might get good at that.



Very close race between 1A and 5A

But I’dchoose 1A.


So this is a “what style are you best at?” question? Just clarifying.

I’d say 1a probably.

1A and 5A. 4A for free-time and not for competing.

Happy Throwing! =]


1A, but in a few weeks 4A. I need to get some more 4A tricks, only have about 2 or 3 good ones.

1a by far.

1a and 4a.

I love 4A but for a competition? 1A, I’m better at it.

For a competition, 1a. I’d get swamped if I entered with my 4a skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily. Some people might be best at 1a, but would compete in 5a because the find it more fun or like the competition in 5a better.

but if they are good at one style and they go to win they are most likely to go with the one they are best at