my blc frestyles with the s


thanks brad for uploading the video b4 I do
so I made it to finals in all the styles I did which was 1a,4a, and 5a
got 1st in 4a and seeded into national too bad I’m not goin
got 4th in 5a
and got 4th in 1a

(202andrew) #2

those are so pretty sweet freestyles.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #3

Good Job! :smiley:


thanks guys


Very Nice Freestyle ;D

(Jesse) #6

No sound for the 5a finals? :’( Whatever, I can’t believe you got 1st in 4a! (No offence) It kind of seemed like you messed up a lot. But you did have some really good tricks in it as well that you landed. Great job!


me too
youtube is being weird
the 5a final song is the same as the 5a perlimary
idk why it doesn’t have any sogn
I think youtube thinks it is copy righted

(Jesse) #8

Well, great job anyway! is being weird because they say that Yoshi won, but they only included sponsored people! Why did they do that?


They had results for inde separate from sponsored.


awesome freestyles. :smiley: