What should I choose

Hey guys
I was wondering if I should design my own yoyo and get it machined, mediablasted and anodized or buy a hatrick.
Thanks in advance.

Buy a Hatrick. It will be way cheaper, more fulfilling, and give less headaches.

I’m wondering if you have a way to stop time and a pocket of endless money.

Meaning it takes time and MONEY. I heard someone say over $500… That’s 5 hatricks, which is greater than my entire collection.

Thanks guys I guess il get the harick. :slight_smile:

For just one, it would cost money out the wang, like 300 to 400. For 5 it would cost about 500 for say 100 it would cost about 1500 to 2000. It costs a lot and it is a huge gamble. Just buy a Hatrick, btw I am selling one if you want it.