My PFD should go to a good cause

That cause being a yoyo!
Price: 150$
I want a yoyo that is a wooly marmot with better grinds that is a little more stable. I was thinking a general yo. What do you guys think?

Yes, a General-Yo would probably be the way to go. If you can wait, you should get the Essence. It is stable, smooth, and if Ernie decides to go with a beadblast like all his other yoyos, then I would say it will grind well! If you can’t wait, get a Hatrick.

It is kinda bad to recommend a fullsize yoyo when he is looking for something like a marmot. I believe that is undersized, and the essence is going to be fullsize and wide. I would personally go with a hatrick, like stated it is very stable and they have great finishes on them for grinding.

I was thinking 5 star or hatrick. Thanks guys! Do you know hen the next run will come out?

The Hatrick is done, so is the 5 star. You could pick on up in the BST

What’s left from general yo? The ministar only?

Yeah, small companys that are generaly a 1-man army cannot afford to make consistent runs.

sigh will they release more ministars?


Does anyone have more suggestions? Outside of general yo.

Maybe the yuuksta it’s a great grinder and really stable