What should I buy, the YYF JK or the YYF 888.11?

Decisions decisions!

There’s a bit of a price range there
Don’t you think.
But anyway I’d say get the 888.11
because it just looks amazing



Do you even need to think about it? The JK is basically the Aoda Miracle (I think). The 888 looks sick

:smiley: Really?You might be jk-ing with us but, The 888.11 has hubstacks, its probably even a more solid throw, i wouldn’t of thought it would take long to figure this out, unless you get the jk, then order a bunch of other yoyos too with it with the money you save. But if you dont do that, then just get the 888.11 the shape looks awesome, the hubstacks are awesome, just about everything about it is awesome!

Yep!!! ;D

JK is an Aoda Dancing Pearl, Miracle is the Super Wide.

Anyway, I might not much of a help here, but I really want the 888.11, its more promising than the 10 model…

Haha, haven’t seen a comparision with such a price difference before. 20$ v.s. 135$

888.11 looks more promising and solid, rather than JK, that just looks like it`s cheap cause it’s cheap. But that doesn’t mean that the 888.11 will play better than it althought the specs and features on the 888.11 is quite interesting. Price can’t really tell the difference of play. It’s just that 888.11 is “Premium”.

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Based on your price range it seems you care more about play than price, at which case for a little over $150 why not both? I did that with the supernova and severe, and I’m happy with both… Personally I just buy every yoyo I want… I might need to save up money but I think its worth it…

But if I HAD to choose 888.11 wins

What he was saying I think is true because YYF also bought the aoda Miracle design from thme to make the YYF superwide/monster i forget which one, I reckon they did the same thing with the aoda Dancing pearl to make the JK…but yeah go for the 888 if its what u want…

It was the superwide. Monsters are made in the US, and uses higher quality/precision material.

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