What shape is the Dv 888?

Is the Dv888 a flat rimmed butterfly?


Im looking for a yoyo like that but i cant seem to find one thats cheap like it

I thought it was a slight H-shape yoyo ???

I don’t think it’s an h-shape.

Find a used one. Or get a K-os, or a used OneDrop. All of the above are undersized flat-rim butterfly shapes. For full-sized, there’s the Dark Magic and the Wide Load. And that one that Duncan just put out.

Duncan Diversion.

The half and half is identical to the Dv888.

the dv888 is the shape of an old yoyo from buzzon called the Dv8 yoyo factory brought it back with the dv888, crucial made one out of delrin same shape as Dv8 and Dv888.
fun fact :smiley: : paul from crucial used to be sponsered by buzzon way back when.

Crucial half and half it’s delrin and super stable, not to mention smooth

reshape a fhz

he wanted it to be cheap, but that is a good choice

Im getting a yuuksta , maybe instead ,thanks for the suggestions